MYTH #5:

"Exercise may help you lose weight and look good, but you won't live any longer."



The facts on exercise are really surprising. Even a little can go a long way. A recent study of men in Hawaii showed that walking 1-2 miles per day reduced mortality by 35%! We all know that exercise will help you lose weight, and this can lead to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, but it also has been shown in studies to improve a person's sense of well-being and even decrease the symptoms of depression. You don't need to join a health club or buy home exercise equipment to make a big difference in how long you live . . . and you'll feel better and look better, too.



You don't need to be an Olympic athlete to get great benefits from exercise. Walk a little every day . . . say 15 minutes a day . . . it is one of the very best investments you can make in yourself and in your health. There's no substitute!

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